Strategic market intelligence, M&A advisory services, business leadership & public policy advice for diagnostic companies & organizations

Dennis Weissman is a widely respected independent analyst, consultant and thought leader who has worked in the clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology sectors for over three decades. Having founded a national information company focusing on the diagnostic industry, he is now actively engaged in providing M&A advisory services for lab and AP organizations, serves in an advisory role with a variety of diagnostic companies and remains a popular conference and workshop speaker before state, regional and national healthcare organizations.

Mr Weissman serves on the Viewics’ Advisory Board which advises the company on its business intelligence and analytics solution products which enable healthcare organizations to enhance their operational, clinical and financial outcomes. In addition, he provides guidance on strategic issues and raising awareness of industry direction and trends.
Interpace Diagnostics Inc.
Interpace Diagnostics
A wholly owned subsidiary of PDI Inc., the company supports the advancement of targeted therapies and personalized medicine via commercializing cutting edge molecular diagnostic tests that bring compelling clinical and financial value to patients. providers, and payers, Mr. Weissman serves on the firm’s Managed Care Advisory Board.
Coleman Research
Coleman Research
Mr. Weissman is designated a expert consultant at the company which connects its corporate clients directly with industry experts, to hear immediate, relevant insights.
Gerson Lehrman Group
Mr. Weissman serves as a expert healthcare consultant for the primary research and knowledge firm that operates a membership-based platform of subject matter experts who provide independent ad-hoc consulting services to companies around the world.