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Get ready for some major market challenges ahead in the $97 billion U.S. laboratory industry according to a new research report, “The U.S. Clinical Laboratory Industry Forecast & Trends 2018-2020,” published by Laboratory Economics.

Among the counter intuitive findings: growth in the physician office labmarket is outpacing both hospital and independent labs. Some emerging market trends to watch out for: hospital-based labs may be in the strongest position to fend off pricing pressure from private payers given the substantial negotiating leverage they have as part of large health systems; and with

Medicare rate cuts of 10% per year from 2018-2020 putting growing pressure on their traditional lab business, look for the nation’s two largest commercial labs (Quest & LabCorp) to seek out additional acquisitions that diversify their revenues and lower risk.

Included in the 150+ pages of proprietary research are detailed analyses of lab markets in the 25 key MSAs, including Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. For ordering information, visit or call (845)463-0080.